About Us

About Us - Wholesale used clothes and shoe sellers

At MásTex Used Clothes and Shoes, we sell high quality and economical used clothes in bulk.  As wholesale distributors, we sell our product in small bales of 100 pounds, big bales up to 1000 pounds, bags and boxes ranging from 20 to 50 pounds of American used clothes, shoes, and miscellaneous items.

We have selected our clothing from around the United States.  We've screened the sorting process and selected items and mixes that can make you more money. We are committed to offering you a great shopping experience, and will continually look for ways to improve the second hand clothing market in the El Paso region.  Our commitment to transparency means that you get to walk the warehouse floor and choose for yourself exactly what you want to buy.

We have a wide variety of products to offer you. We carry summer and winter clothing for women, men, and kids. We also offer blouses, dresses, skirts and more for women, as well as clothes for men, such as pants and jeans. We carry miscellaneous accessories for the home, in addition to pillowcases and sheets.

We DO NOT sell individual pieces of clothing.  We only wholesale in bulk packaging.

Visit us at our warehouse in El Paso, Texas, or give us a call at 915-613-1277 if you have any questions.